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Hi. My Existence started in a small town named Emporia Ks, on June 9, 1978, (yes im a Gemini) I spent ten years in that hell hole, with no friends, no life and a television set. In 1989 my family moved to Columbia Mo, to get thier Doctorate Degrees, and after Two years succeeded. We then moved to Warrensburg Mo, the biggest shithole in the world. If there is a hell, i am in it, and i somehow cannot leave. Ive been livin here ever since, and thats my life story.

Ive always been different. Even in grade school, people thought i was earie and strange. Id put vampire drawings in Valentines day Cards, and snakes on mothers day cards. I always liked things like Dracula, and anything creepy, but for the longest time had no clue what "goth" meant. One day i was sitting in the local cofee shop the Tea Haus (not a plug! not a plug! hehe) And a friend was rolling up a character for CyberGen, the sequel rpg to CyberPunk. I was lookin through it and came across a 'gutter goth' and it fit me. I asked him bout it, and he laughed at me, i felt stupid and then he told me about goth. He figured i already knew. Wow. so now i got a label. Woohoo! more freaks like me who dont fit in. I love to Role play. I am a fan of Pladium, White Wolf and Steve Jackson games. I am a member of the Camarilla, the official White Wolf fan club. I am also a fan of the Martial Arts. I am currently a student at Central Missouri State University and a Photography Major. I hate this stupid little town, this stupid little college and i hope to move soon. I also am a poet. I love to write how i feel. Sometimes i think life is just a stupid joke that somone has played on all of us, and it reflects when i chat on line. So if i sound grumpy i probably am :).Email me. Send me poetry, pics, and neat stuff to help improve my page if u want. Im gonna build a graveyard very very very soon, and you can be dead in it if you want. Well enough bitching from me. If you liked my page, thanks :). if not, FUCK YOU! hehe.

Just some more filler: I love my page. It gives me a flaming hard on. Especially when i get Email about it. That makes me spank it all nite. Heres a pic of what that looks like :


Welcome to my Page. What do you think? Im proud. it is my first non-quick page and i think i did a damn good job. Enjoy. Or dont. Either way, Welcome.

Dreaming A Crow-Black Dream

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The offical #NIN Webpage: The only cool #NIN page on the Net
My Pictures: more of me, yadda yadda yadda
The graveyard:....its still under construction..sorry
my favorite game....:
My poetry: My heart and soul, ripped apart and served on a silver platter
Bondage.com Check it out if your interested.
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More About Me........
Name: Bryant NickName: Violen Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'2" Weight: Ask Age: 19 Home: Warrensburg Mo
Likes: Music Fave Color: Black Fave Band: Nine inch Nails
Fave Mythical Creatrure: Vampires and Angels
Fave online Chat#'s: nin, Crow, Gothic.nights, sanguinarius
Fave online PPLZ: ZandriaKane, trixel, Gothess, ^^pixie^^, MistressOfDarknes, Mirae, Cymbelina, ^nessa^
Fave words: Crackmonkey, Twatgoblin, MethBaby
Fave Vamp Clan: Gangrel Fave Rifts OCC: Psi-slinger
Yes im a switch


Cardboard box
Warrensburg, MO 64093
United States

This alt. gothic webring site is owned by Violen
Bryant Waner.

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