Welcome to my Page. What do you think? Im proud. it is my first
                                                      non-quick page and i think i did a damn good job. Enjoy. Or dont.
                                                                                     Either way, Welcome.
Ive always been different. Even in grade
  school, people thought i was earie and
  strange. Id put vampire drawings in
  Valentines day Cards, and snakes on
  mothers day cards. I always liked things
  like Dracula, and anything creepy, but
  for the longest time had no clue what
  "goth" meant. One day i was sitting in
  the local cofee shop the Tea Haus (not
  a plug! not a plug! hehe) And a friend
  was rolling up a character for
  CyberGen, the sequel rpg to
  CyberPunk. I was lookin through it and
  came across a 'gutter goth' and it fit me.
  I asked him bout it, and he laughed at
  me, i felt stupid and then he told me
  about goth. He figured i already knew.
  Wow. so now i got a label. Woohoo!
  more freaks like me who dont fit in. I
  love to Role play. I am a fan of
  Pladium, White Wolf and Steve
  Jackson games. I am a member of the
  Camarilla, the official White Wolf fan
  club. I am also a fan of the Martial Arts.
  I am currently a student at Central
  Missouri State University and a
  Photography Major. I hate this stupid
  little town, this stupid little college and i
  hope to move soon. I also am a poet. I
  love to write how i feel. Sometimes i
  think life is just a stupid joke that
  somone has played on all of us, and it
  reflects when i chat on line. So if i sound
  grumpy i probably am :). Email me.
  Send me poetry, pics, and neat stuff to
  help improve my page if u want. Im
  gonna build a graveyard very very very
  soon, and you can be dead in it if you
  want. Well enough bitching from me. If
  you liked my page, thanks :). if not,
  FUCK YOU! hehe.