The Crow
"Just paint your face the shadows smile, Slipping me away from you
It doesn't matter how you hide, We'll find you if we're wanting to.
So slide back down and close your eyes, Sleep awhile you must be tired."

Everynight I burn,
Everynight I call your name
Everynight I burn
Everynight I fall again
Everynight I burn
And scream the animal scream
Everynight I burn
And dream the crow-black dream
-Burn- The Cure, The Crow Soundtrack

Victims, Arent we All
You All know the story, you all love the move, you all read the comic this is my little part of Heaven for The Crow. It has some pictures of the crow on it, from any of the movies i can find and also so me links at the bottom of the page. I Love this movie, the comic and even the TV Series.

Victims, Arent we All A Bird, A man. Hate, Pain, Rage, and finally Revenge. A timeless story of setting the wrong things right, when those who dont have the power to become victims. Based on a Navajo belief that crows carry our souls to the land of the dead The Crow has become one of the most popular comics in america and very influencial story in how i write, how i think and what i do. It reminds us that the Little things are what matter, not the material things. Looking at sunrises, saying "I love you" meaning it when you call someone a friend. Expect to see Poetry and Stories from Crow writers in the future, if you want to help out then just Email me and ill reveiw it and see if i like the story enough to add :)----Violen

Dreaming a Crow-Black Dream A stalled Car. A man. A woman. Fate, Horror, Rape, Murder, REVENGE. A story of love and belonging, with a twist, the lover of Eric Draven is dead, and he has come back for revenge, so he may rest and be with her.

The Art and Story in the graphic novel The Crow are tremendous. Black and white images that contrast not only with each other but with the story, setting mood and ambiance of possibly the most tremendous heartbreak ever put onto paper. Wonderfully used lyrics and rhymes, the story sets its on theme music in your mind at every page and creates moods inside of most people previously unfelt from a comic book.

There are other Crow storys, ones i have not had the chance to read but i hope to sometime. This is one of my most favorite pieces of literature to date and it will stay that way forever

These are some kick ass crow links to Fanpages that make the grade and plow through in the dark to show all of us what it is to be The Crow. These web sites are the best ive found and now you can see them too.

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