The Rage

It claws at me now and again
messing with my head
frustrating me
causing me to hesitate
-and yet-
for a moment i see clearly why 
I feel the way i do

But that moment is gone
and with it all understanding
leaving only the Rage
the anger, the Frustration
and destruction with it
But these I must learn to overcome
these emotions 
or learn to succumb and serve only the 


The Destruction came with a Warning
to let everything and everyone know
That Everything held dear was gone
And with it all life would go

It Started with a single thought
a dictator's Mad Obsession
To Show the world just who he was
With one act of aggression

The martyrs where the Victimized
And all were asking Why,
That all the world was Hypnotized
Why these few men should Die

The Destruction came to destroy us all
and with it Death a-knocking
And i knew we all would fall
The doomsday clock tic-tocking

One Quick thought, a violent act
a moment done in haste
The heart of all that was Good was cracked
The life was just a waste

And when it came I prayed to Hide
"Ill live" I know I said,
And all things else were doomed and died
I rose among the dead

I walked around and saw these things
How Mankind shurly Fell,
And all things Beautiful and intelligent destroyed
We ALL Had Gone To Hell

I fell and cried They all Had lied
And God Had Shurly Knew
That all the truth and acomplishment
One madman's thought had slew

I found a gun and looked arround,
and felt that I was dead
Our world Gone By one swift thought
And Put it to my Head



I no longer see clearly
Everything seems to be just a Blur
To grasp a thought and hold on to it
is like clenching water, and grasping nothing

The distractions come and go
Sometimes the same, Sometimes different
And yet it does not matter for
the end result is always the same

To focus or concentrate is too much
as the thoughts change as rapidly as
a leaf, tumbling down a stream


Destruction 2: Ascention

The destruction came and then it went
from only a single thought
And most left this world without a hint
for my life selfishly, i fought

And all were DEAD save only one
My thoughts wander astray
Everything I had ever loved Beneath the Sun,
Lost on one Hatefull day

I wander now from here to there,
To see what I can find
There are no more reasons to care
I had already lost my mind

The pain was gone, It left me Cold
My hatred my only fire
A governmet of history-Now old
It to was just a liar

And so I left this Barren world
No one left to protect
Selfishness, Hatred, a thought had hurled
Mankind's only defect.



People Keep Fucking things Up

In a life were Everything is trivial
No one ever learns How to live
The Destruction Came and with
it the RAGE:And no one cares

The petty excuses of a person, long dead inside
the whinings of Someone who does not wish 
to empower themselves
The immaturity of a teenager who cannot control
his own violence or destruction
The hopelessness of everyone else who gets in the way

People Hating each other
Leting selfish emotions murder and maim
The strong triumph ofver the weak
-Because they Can-

And when anyone shows a sign of independent
it is destroyed By those who wish to 
oppress them
In the end, when everyone is dead
We Will have accomplished NOTHING


The Burn

I Never Get A F@#king Chance

When all people ridicule me,
And injustly call me
It is not discrimination, Because
it is against only me

And it burns inside
it chews me up
and spits me out
Only to start again

No one understands Me
They Just try to get to me
and Bring
me down

the attack is constant
And I Hate them all
They pretend it is all fun and games
But deep down they also KNOW the truth
As the burn eats me up forever.



The thoughts RIP Though my mind
Tear at my soul
And cut ay my psyche
The Burn and the Rage and the Distraction
-all in one-

As I Hear the Screams of a Thousand Dead Souls
they Burn, Alive without meaning
And Hell is on earth,
We are all murdered and raped By each other

Never helping each other,
We all chase after our own selfish goals
Most destroying anyone in Their Way
The few doing good fall Behind those who

And Everyone hurting everyone
The Sorrows of Humanity Long
All of us suffer forever