She touched us all
And changed our lives
But we will Never be the same again

The way she made us feel
The Joy and happiness she Brought us all
-And Yet-
She is no more

I never knew-how much I missed Her
Untill She wasn't here
I called her friend
And loved her as one
But Ill never see her again

She left this world
But not our lives
And She will Be with us



WHY Does God take away those that we love?
Dosen't he have enough people to love where he is?
It isn't fair when hw need those people more than him

I feel like a chunk has been ripped out of me
I know it will Never Heal
I cant Sleep anymore-and it dosen't seem to matter

Why does soemone So Young hove to die
She had So much to accomplish-
-and yet-
her life was Wasted and all we can do is wonder

When will the pain Stop?
Will it ever stop?
Why did it have to be her?

I never Wanted anyone to die
I need the love from everyone I know
And when God takes some of that away
All I can ask is




I know I will never Be the same
She left-and-
a part of me left to

For I will never stop Crying
Nor will i ever forget her
I didn't understand why
I don't know if I ever will

It Hurts so Bad
-I can't eat-
-I can't sleep-
-I can't stop thinking about her-

The time we shared was short
-Only a year and a half-
-and yet-
I had known her as long as i had

AND Never A Chance to take her place or punishment
I loved her as a friend, and Now that she is gone,
The love for her will Be with me forever


They try to hide it inside
-I know-
I can see it in their eyes, and feel it in their voice

They felt as if they had died to
they try to hide it from each other
And they need comfort, But it is too hard to ask for

I know they feel pain inside
I feel it too
I know they Need to Be strong
So they can make it through this Pain

But what we really Need is 
-each other-
A common Bond-
A reason to Share with each other
A Hug, A word, or even a look,
I will _always- Be there to comfort them, to
help them fight the pain
They try to hide it inside


GoodBye, Melissa

All I do now is Think about you.
The way you touched my Heart
The way you changed my Soul
The Way your friendship made me feel.

But Now You have left,
-I wish you to stay-
At any cost, even trading my life for yours
-But it can Never be-

The PAIN I've felt
The Question WHY
Why you had to leave us Melissa
-Please Don't Go-
   But you have already

I have a rose from you,
My undying love for you
The memories of the friendship
  That we shared>

And Though I must say GoodBye, Melissa
You Will always Be with me im my Thoughts
   And In My Heart.