He came inside to destroy us all
No were to run, Hide or Flee
One By One I watched the good fall
He walked right up and it was me

The Rage and Frustration reached its Peak
They thought that I had come to Play
And like A Hungry, BLoodthirsty Freak
All of Them I had to Slay

I knew not WHY, nor had I Cared
The Destruction came from inside
Those who fought back, those who dared
Were the ones who trusted me-to bad-I lied

I destroyed them all, They hated me so
At one time I had called them all friend
And When I had crushed them with a fatal blow
They knew it was the end

The Destruction came to destroy us all
This time I knew it was I
I knew the wourld would surly fall
All Good and Evil HAD TO DIE

And one by one i sought them out
It was way to late to turn me back
Their trust was their greatest doubt
Their lights were gone -All fade to BLACK-

And So I roamed about the Earth
And with me came all Gloom
DESTRUCTION-SELF- Had been my rebirth
I loved all of the Death and Doom

The Destruction came troughout the land
These feelings I held Were Dear
And silence was all I left At Hand
No screams of TORTURE were left to hear

And So I left Myself inside
I had nowere else to delve
I fell to my knees-slice-I died
All thanks to my DESTRUCTION-SELF-



He Takes away the ones we love
He Trys to steal your SOUL
AN avenging angel From high above
HE Wants to drag you down below

The Night it happened-went-so fast
I knew only when, But wondered WHY
That this Next Breath would be My Last

He Wore a Black CLoak and glided around
His burning eye sockets, His Gleaming white skull
He moved tward me with out making a sound
His lipless grin, His scythe was Dull

I screamed to him "NO! YOU CAN'T TAKE ME"
He only Smiled as he moved near
There was no escape -Iwanted to flee-
WIth his presence came a new kind of FEAR

With No way out and No were to run
I saw my only fading hope hanging on the wall
He came to Kill me Just for fun
To fight with my Sword-or else I would Fall-

He Brought his scythe high above his head
He laughed Right At the Start
How do I fight this thing -Undead-
He Had No Beating Heart

He swing at me-I dodged trhe Blow-
I saw my only chance -His gleaming Head-
He had not recovered -His weapon low-
I closed my eyes and swung to kill The DEAD

-I had hit- At least I knew
I opened my eyes to see
My Sword had Bounced -Away- it Flew
I missed him -He nailed me-

I fell to my knewws -and- gasped for breath
HIs strike then removed my head
The last thing i heard was a scream from DEATH
It was over -I WAS DEAD-