The Short of the Long, My Influences
Victims, Arent we All The Crow, Perhaps One of the biggest Musical/Movie/Written influencs on my life. Its more then a story its how to say im sorry when its already too late. I love all of it, the Movies, the Comic, the Music, even the TV show, check it out. Always remember, It Cant Rain All The Time, although it would like to try at times
Welcome to Hell. Your now an officer in Malebosia's Army. Arent we proud? Leave your soul at the door

Welcome to Hell


Jerry Uelsmann

Im a big fan of Photography, im a student of it, i love black and whites, infared and hate color. My favorite Photographer is Jerry Ulseman cause hes the man and the manipulation master.

I, am a Pagan. I believe in lots of different things but not the Christian God. He can go fuck himself. I Prayed to him to many nites on my knees with tear stained cheeks and never heard a fucking answer. Fuck him. That and paganism helped me to piece together what i believe my faith is. If you think im a poser, or lame, Fuck you too. I am what i am and im sure thats alot more that i can say then most people.

Pagan Pagan Pagan

People who influence me on a daily basis

Pagan Pagan Pagan

These are my Real Friends. Better Family then my own. They have shown me life is worth living. If your picture isnt on here and you have to ask yourself why then mebby you should think about that. That or you think your too good to give me your picture.