Musings of a modern day Faerie

     I sit here in front of a computer screen, smiling in the 
darkness and wonder where we went, and how all of this has come so 
far. In a day and age of science and technology, Belief in that that 
is not real is becoming more apparent, not stamped out by reason.

I walk down the streets in this town and i see people in awe and 
wonderment of their scociety and the world arround them. Cultures 
mixing and colliding to where they are becoming one, yet remaining 
distinctive of sect and culture.  Religions mixing with ideologys, 
Music losing its genere and people getting along with each other in 
ways not seen till before the great flood.

     I smile as i watch this all and realize that in achieving our 
dream we are dying off, and no longer needed.  Everything ever hoped 
for from dreaming a reality of being fae is becoming true for 
everything, regardless of sect, religion or race/species.  i dont 
know why its happening but i think it has to do with this world 
becomming connected through the internet and through the use of our 
mass media applications

Bands become icons because of a single music channel on television 
to millions of people,  News of the affairs of presidents and other 
media heads becomes more and more readily availiable at a newsstand 
or push of a button for all to read and be 'enlightnened' to the fact
of what is going on in places besides their own neighborhood

Everything has changed so much in the last ten years, that this world 
has taken everything that was the status quo and twisted it or thrown
it out the window.

Perhaps i ramble too much but i know that it is needed, and i see all
of this coming to a very specific point

The Magic is alive, and we are not needed to carry it any further.  
Our purpose to bring mirth and joy to this world is obsolete, as the 
Mortals have found ways to do it, without the aide of our magic or 
our inspiriation into thier lives.  this scares me as a whole for the
 saftey and sanctity of our well being and our race in general, and 
without the creativity or energy we aspire to share, what will we do?

I have no answer to this question, only posing it as musing in this 
Coming Age of Magic.  I hope we are still needed when this world 
realizes what is happening to it.  I fear we wont exist any more, but
 i wonder if perhaps this is the age of enlightenment we have hoped 
for for the last two millenia, and not as rulers or gods and goddesses
but as open and one with a scociety that is ready to embrace what we 
are again and believe in the powers that make life worth living

This wouldnt even be possible if it werent for the magic box i now 
sit in front of, it amazes me eveyr day when i check such things as 
email and visit websites that even twenty years ago it was a dream 
written about in novels set in the far future, not before the turn 
of the centruy

As i said i dont know where this is going or why im writing it, but 
i felt i should for some strange reason and now i am, so here i 

I can feel it growing
The christians where right, their apocalypse is coming but not in a 
way they understand, there will be no jesus or hellfire or angels of 
death, but a death to their faith as the old ways return, in a cycle 
that will continue and change forever.  I can see the magic in the 
air as more people become aware of what was gone from their past lives
for so long, and embrace the change wholeheartedly.  It feels good and
makes me smile to see openmindedness returning after all these 

Love, Passion, and Romance seem to be dying these days tho, but i see 
glimmers of it everywhere, and hope that there is no tradeoff from 
one foot to the other for this change, but if it must be done, then 
that may be our new purpose, to change and make sure that this magic 
is forged anew and not flawed.

So i hope for the future, in this first letter of many to explain 
what i see and how i feel, through good and bad, through distraught 
and triumph, who i am and what i feel i can contribute to all of this 

And so i smile at this magic box and see the vision of the future 
it will herald in.....