Darkthoughts Version 3.0.01

Darkthoughts version 3.0.01 
A third in a series of Writings titled
Mad Musings of a modern day Faerie

And so i write again.

What should i write about? The planet? The people? it's government?

How about i just lament and cry about myself and how i feel because i never get what i want.

Lets not.

This world seems to be crumbling because of all we want to beleive in and hold true becomes more and more fractured. Our society is based on a lie we have to believe in, because if we didnt, our society would fail. It is a world that thrives on being normal, on conformity, and following the rules, crushing all individuality that sprouts from it. Those who are individuals are seen as rebels, outcasts and most generally; Second class.

Why is this? why is it people ask?
What is this lie?

Ill tell you, in a bit.

Throughout history, mankind has strived to create a utopian society, one based off of the utilization of intelligence, perseverance, and that mankind should have a happy, confortable place in this world.  A society blind to the hatred created by racism, blind to the hot scalding touch of hate, to forward progress, and inso destroy all that is created by stagnation.  A world devoid of fear, a world full of everything everyone could ever want, as long as, of course, they properly motivate themselves to obtain it.  Our society has moved past the stone age, past true ruling classes, and beyond to a place where the majority of voices, have the right to speak and be heard; and at the same time the right to rule, while the minority, is also heard, and considered, and not considered wrong.

The problem, is, That this is a world designed for the ease of the species, not the ease of the individual. Our world is full of completely acceptable ideals, and solutions that create better living standards, which in all essences does help, and does the right thing, but in one essence does everything completely wrong.

In our society of fast food, our mecca of pop culture, music, and happiness, there is no time for the individual; be their beleifs Pagan, christian, Exotic, Vanilla. Be them musically inclined, or just another slave to radio pop, the more someone becomes an individual, the less they fit into this society. The more one wants to deviate from everyone else, the less they are understood.

This is not because of intelligence, because i have seen many stupid individuals, it is not a disease to be held by only the few and privleged. Anyone, who has a stray thought or view on life, can be included in this category, and the ammount of alineation they feel is directly proportioned to the number of people they explain their differences to, because for every one that understands, they realize that at least ten more will not.

This society disgusts me, it rewards those who stay with the pack over those with creativity, and those with creativity, who are smart, use it to subjugate the pack, making them a part of it. There is no true individuality, only what is crushed by the machine that is our lives and socicety. Im not saying this is a bad thing though, think about what a society of individuals would accomplish. It would be ablsolutely nothing; without those to follow there are no leaders, and without leaders, there is still a herd.

And unfourtanately, i am part of this minority, someone who is an individual, a thinker. I am someone who believes their opinion matters and that i, in my infinite wisdom and divinity; can make a difference to all of these, mortals. Every day i hope that somehow i impact someones life a little more and still i wonder if its even worth getting out of bed just to perpetuate an existence that is so unfufilling.

And i ask myself the question "what have i gained honestly"  I find nothing. My individuality in no way makes me feel confortable with those arround me; it only alienates me further then someone who decides to conform to society; someone who knows no such feelings of rejection, and leads a happy, but pointless and meaningless life.  After Alienation, depression usually follows forcing me to become more introverted.

And so i ask myself, in this musing, this third letter to the world; and to myself, is ignorance not bliss? And when you taste the fruit stained with knowlege of good and evil, did you too not know what you were doing? or is ignorance merely a state of being one with a group?

Again i digress.