Nine Inch Nails
I Just want Somthing I can Never have....
"I, Hurt Myself Today, To See if I still Feel
I, Focus on the Pain, the Only Thing Thats Real
The Needle Tears a Hole, The Old Familiar Sting
Trying to Kill it all Away, but i remember Everything.....
And You Could Have it All, My Empire of Dirt
I will Let You Down,
I will make you Hurt
Hurt, The Downward Spiral, Nine Inch Nails

Sin......... ine Inch Nails...The Most influencial Musical experience in my LIfe. Fits of Rage ANger Hate pain Sadness an immature deconstruction of everything the human soul strives to be. Madness in sorrow and pain, Insanity in confort and love. The Sound of one mans Shattered Dreams that have been accepted and coveted by a generation's reality. If you havent heard of Nine Inch Nails its because youve been under a rock for forever.

Now Im Nothing Three Little Letters with So Much Meaning, A whole subculture worships Trent Reznor as a god for creating his own private hell and publishing it on a CD. His Following is Immense and even though new material has not been released in two years he still garners fans becuase his sound trancends time or age groups Now Your Nothing

Music Videos are the art of recreating emotion from songs that have been put into a form understandable by a large audience of morons, and most of the time, lose the origional meaning that the artist entended to give them. Videos reclaim these feelings. Idiots can sit and watch MTV all day long and finally understand a song by a bunch of pictures because they were too fucking stupid to pay attention in fourth grade English cause they had better things to do like sleep. Wish, a Bad Ass Video
Trent Reznor oversees the production of all of his videos, so dumbfucks like you and me can understand his creative Genius. His Videos are works of art that compliment his Music.
Kewl Ball
If you, being a Moron havent figured it out by now, Trent Reznor is Front man, and creator of Nine Inch Nails. He STarted out as a Classically trained Concert Pianist, Worked with Pigface, In his spare time as an Assistant producer recorded Pretty Hate Machine and the rest is history. PHM is considered one of the most influencial albums of the ninteys, but it came out in 89.Awww Give him his Milk
Nintey Nine, also known as "The Fragile" is his most anticipated Album to date. Supposedly forty tracks, half instrumental, half with vocals, It should be Reznor's crowning achievement on creating music out of Pain Sex and Hate. The latest rumors say it will be released in Late June, Early July.
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All Nine Inch Nails Stuff is copyright by Trent Reznor, and Nothing Records. I stole every picture. Now your Nothing. Youve Got Nails!