My DarkThoughts
Sometimes, I hate the way i feel. Other times i hate the way everyone makes me feel. sometimes i just wish i didnt have to feel. This is my Poetry. My Darkthoguhts. The things scraping arround in my head that no one wishes to ever know or hear. I write from inside. If you like it thanks. If you really like it dont even think bout it. This is all copywrited work. Now read. -Violen-

My first works: Raw but powerfull
More of my First: Some times you feel like hell.....
Fuck You. You know who you are: You know why i hate you.
My LIfe.....: Read and understand
New Beginings: New and Insightfull
Fragmented Dreams: Ideas in the process of becomming Alive
Ramblings: Musing Thoughts from a Faerie Lord
Focus of the HeartsPassion: Another Beginning
Works of others Share the space :)
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