Somthing Long Overdue

Well, i finaly got arround to Making a poetry Page for ppl who sent me poetry. WHY THE HELL HASNT ANYONE ELSE SENT ANY????? Oh well fuck ya all, you can still send it to me, if you want, ill read it. Anyway this page is for those whose poetry makes the grade. For people who i think deserve to carve their nitch into the Web, and have somthing to say. Without further Adue, my Poetry Page for Those who Deserve it

This is Stuff by a guy i know from Dal-Net named Zach/Thirty-Three


I stare at the dots on my ceiling,
The light from the fan throwing shadows on the backs,
I think of my love, 
I think of my life,
I know it can't happen,
I know i have me,
But I know i hate me,
And I know they lie,
To ease my pain,
And I know everyday,
I hate myself less,
And I hate me,
For fooling myself into this,
And I hate me,
For tricking myself into believing,
And I wished it true,
That I would die tonight,
But then for real,
I think back,
I see what I've done,
I see what I haven't done,
I decide it's not right,
I can't die tonight,
Maybe god saved me,
Maybe I saved me,
Maybe love saved me,
Maybe I wasn't saved at all

There I was,
I could see myself,
Flying through the sky,
A beautiful fuzzy purple hue.

And I saw,
The children laying down,
Laughing and chuckling as they said,
That I'd fall for certain, that I don't have a chance

And the sky turned grey,
And the wind blew harder,
And the leaves fell from the trees,
And I saw the ground come up beneath me

I hit the ground hard,
I broke my bruised heart,
I felt the pain of a thousand lives,
I screamed for god to save me from this pit

NOTE: I made this before I ever heard "Mellon 
Collie and the Infinite Sadness".  But the "fall
for certain" part is uncanny...


I spread the green leaves
I peek through the opening
I see her as she leaves
I loved her as I hated him

I walk to her blindly
I walk to her tranced
I come to her kindly
I feel the ground give way

Love is a painful thing
Love is a dark road
Love is a streetlight
Love can't be mine tonight