Crystal Rose

I hold you in my hands like a crystal rose
Gazing at your beauty
How the light carresses your curves and your clarity
And in wonderment i desire to hold you forever

The touch i give you i know helps your world
to hold you safe from all that could harm you
Keep you free to do as you wish
while i know i make your life perfect

As i hold you in my hands
I feel your twisted thorns pierce my flesh
and i smile as i see the blood drip down my fingertips
Savoring the touch and how you make me feel

i tighten my hands arround you and feel the pain deeper and deeper
Smiling sickly i hold you safely and make sure no one can see the wounds
Clenching and twisting my fingertips arround your blossom
I cut all feeling off so i may be closer to you

Hands Red from Love i know what i do makes you perfect
Dreaming of every night i am with you
Hiding you in my eyes and beneath my might
I hold you forever, mine to possess
My Crystal Rose

more unfinished work.....

As I wash my hands of Hate
I wear your mask, my sweet disgrace

Fingertips That carres like razor blades
Remember all debts are paid in spades


Im sorry but im Dying

I knew from the moment i saw you
That what we had would last forever
I saw the endless possibilities
And how we would always be togheter

We Never felt far apart
Regardless of how far we were away
I felt so warm inside all the time
Untill i went to see the docotor that day

I promised to hold you in my arms
Nothing would stop that in my eyes
But now your growing colder every moment
Since i told you i have to die

We Kept closer and closer
WE bound inside a single heart
Drifting out of this world
Never knowing from the start....

I love you and im dying
it Tore my soul to tell it to your face
How forever is never good enough
And im leaving you alone in this place

Im sorry that im dying
and i cannot keep you near
Afraid id always lose you
Now ill give you your ownly fear