I, Am a Pagan!
Pagan Pagan Pagan
Yes, this should worry you............
I am Not a Satanist I, Used to be Catholic. Then i realized that after seventeen years of brainwashing i wasnt catholic i was a moron. I decided to change this and began to search for my own religious views. It started by questing to find willing wiccans to help me. I failed, as did they to want to hlep. I found one in Springfield but she has moved on, but with her help i have realized that i am not catholic, or wiccan, but a Pagan. Satan is a Christian Diety so hes not real

I believe and worship Morpheus and Hecate. I do not believe in the Rule of Three but i do believe in Karma. I have strange practices for Pagans, i Use Blood Magik, and believe in Psychic Abilities. I can be found online in #psychic_protection answering questions on a nightly basis. I believe i am a Psychic Vampire, and that i have Faerie Blood. As i have said before if you dont beleive me i really dont care. If you mock me you will get what you deserve if you think im wrong then prove it. I am Who i want to be and who i have found myself to be. Nothing more or Less. I am.

Cast a Deadly Spell
Some Pagan Links. Check them Out!

Try here: The Witches Voice A great Site For Pagans, and to learn about the craft.

I dont know any other good pagan sites, sorry, but Witches Voice can Direct you pretty well :)

Come Frolic in #FaerieCircle on Dalnet

If you would like to chat with me about my beliefs, find me In real LIfe or find me on irc.dal.net in #wicca. BLessed Be :)