Minds Eye Theatre Conversion Rules for Spawn

Converted with the help of the information garnered from BJ Zanzibar's World Of Darkness; Information gathered specifically from Peloquin, WolFX67574@aol.com, FllenAngel@aol.com, and Ryan Panders Lance panderz@hotmail.com

Step One: Background and History

Write a two page background on the mortal you wish to turn into a Spawn. this should include its Life, its Death, and Its Regrets; the Reason it made the deal with Malebosia

Choose Nature and Demenor, any Archetype is acceptable with ST approval

Alternately, the player may choose Legacys out of The Shining Host, choosing both Seelie and Unseelie; Making slight modifications for this 'breed' of character. The Seelie archtypes are reccommened for Rogue Spawn and the Unsealie for Loyalist Spawn. These will come into effect for the purposes of Flashbacks and Rage


Choose Traits as per Laws of Elysium; using 10/8/6

The maximum starting Trait level is 11 but may be raised eventually to 18 Automatic starting negatives for Spawns are Repulsivex2 and Violent Spawns may never take appearance based traits.


Choose Five abilites; then add one level of Brawl, Melee, and Firearms; Demolitions, Quick Draw or Archery may be substitued via ST approval depending on the Time period of the Chronicle


Spawn start with no Influences but may buy them after creation for 3xp per level of influence; these may not exceed five without ST approval


Choose four Passions from Wraith the Oblivion
Choose Place of Re-Creation for the Spawn, where it initally appears in this world

Backgrounds 8 Points to spend on Backgrounds at Character Creation

How much of the Mortal life the Spawn remembers and how much it fuels his Rage; Storyteller determines how often they happen. This is what drives the destructive force in a Spawn.

1 *Hazy Imaes* 1 Rage regained per flashback; Must win or tie a simple test
2 *Shaper Focus 2 rage regained per flashback; Must win or tie 2 simple tests
3 *Blury Images* 3 Rage regained per flashback; must win or tie three simple tests
4 *Saddened Memorys* 4 Rage regained per flashbck; must win or tie four simple tests
5 *i died yesterday....* 5 Rage Regained per flashback must win or tie five simple tests

Every win or tie regains one lost rage; so if you have level four and you win/tie three but lose the fourth you only get three back

This Blackground represents the knowledge attainable by somoene who knows what you know and can do what you do; it is possible to take two Mentors but highly unlikely

1 *Spawn Training Guide* Hi. Your a Spawn. Oh, you have chains? neato!
2 *Kid with a Comic* Wow mister will you sign my issue #38?
3 *Occultist* Yes, i have seen your kind before; let me see where are those notes....
4 *fellow HellSpawn* Sup Man, i got some Skills you need to learn
5 *Cogliostro/Violator* You want the info Spawn? do ya? well theres a little sumthin you gots to do for me first

Note: The above table represents how much the Mentor knows, and is absoulutely willing to teach, but that dosent mean every lesson comes free...

Chain Controll
The Ammount of controll the Spawn has over the Chains on his Armor. If no levels of this are taken the chains are lifeless and hang at the sides of the spawns belt

1 *What the hell are these?* Chains will automatically attack any threat percieved by the costume to the Spawn. Chains are 3 Meters long
2 *Oh ok they are chains* Chains will do the Spawns Bidding; from attacking to grappling to climbing
3 *These are pretty coo* Chains grow to Five meters, and gain an automatic retest for all challenges.
4 *Come Get Some* Chains Grow heavier and gain spikes protruding from them; The Spawn no longer needs to bid a Trait when he iniates a challenge with the chains
5 *Damn.* Length is now Ten Meters; Chains gain additional Three Traits to bid in a tie, Chains are heavy and do whatever the Spawn Wishes


The Cloak. Its powers. Need i Say More?

1 *Neat Cape* Adds two traits to bid in a tie on Intimidation Challenges
2 *Wow were u get that* When Cape is wrapped arround Spawn and he is hiding in shadows he gets a free stealth retest
3 *Can i get your taylor?* Adds two traits to all damage soaking tests, can act as a shield
4 *Who Did you Kill for that?* No Fall will damage the Spawn as the cloak billows to slow his fall, it is silent enough to get suprise on an airial attack
5 *Um..dont go near him* The Cape can now grapple an oponnent to ensnare him, holding his arms and legs togther at his sides, this is done by bidding a dexterity trait, does not count as an extra action but can be used for suprise with other abilities

The ability to form items out of the Spawn's NecroPlasm
Costs ten times the level to Create an item in power points and a mental challenge against seven plus the level must be made

1 *create simple things like rocks and chunks of Metal
2 *Swords Shields Knives, Statues, inanimate sculpted shapes
3 *Food and Water, plants and flowers
4 *Mechanical Equipment, Guns but not Bullets
5 *Electronics may be made, bullets, anything within the ST's Discression

The Spawn may coax its Symbiotic Armor into giving it Power for expenditure if its smart enough

1 *once month the Spawn may Gain the power to preform one power of his choosing if he can win or tie a simple test
2 *twice a month the Spawn may Gain the power to preform one power of his choosing if he can win or tie a simple test each time
3 *three times a month the Spawn may Gain the power to preform one power of his choosing if he can win or tie a simple test each time
4 *four times a month the Spawn may Gain the power to preform one power of his choosing if he can win or tie a simple test each time
5 *five times a month the Spawn may Gain the power to preform one power of his choosing if he can win or tie a simple test each time

Merits and Flaws:
At Character Creation the Player may allowed to take Merits for his Spawn, and the Storyteller team choosing the Flaws.
Please be intelligent in choosing flaws, In all likelyhood, Spawns are probably already Unbondable, but have no clue how to get Ventrue Clan Friendship.
Reccommended Flaws: NightMares, Boon(to melbosia), Assigned Mentor(Modified Haunted; think about the relationship of Violator to Spawn) Get the Picture? Spawn sold his soul to the Devil, give him lots of flaws, up to seven points to reflect it, and allow the Player to choose five to seven points in appropraite merits.

Spawns start with Five Rage and Two Willpower.

Spawns must choose a path or road from any kindred book to follow, or create their own. If they ever lose all their road traits or path traits, they spend all their power points and rage in an orgy of chaos and everything they can get to before they spiral down to hell.