Innate Powers

Spawns have Seven health Levels plus their added one from fortitude and any other Gifts/arts/arcanoi/diciplines/spheres they learn

Spawns do not take Aggrivated damge from fire but take double damage from Holy weapons, True Faith is a bad thing to Spawns

All Spawns have the Equivelant of the Kindred Diciplines, they contain all levels below the ones mentioned: Potence: Might, Fortitude: Resillance, Celerity: Swiftness, Protean: Gleam of the Green(Red) Eye, Auspex: Hightened Senses

Spawns may Take Theme Music at no cost but the player must supply the music and the means to hear it.:)

Super Powers (also known as the Demonic Diciplines)

Demonos (found on BJ Zanzibars Web site, there are slight modifications to it) This is the Standard Power of all Minions of Hell. ST Note: Most Spawns never achieve the Advanced Level of this Dicipline, but most true natives of Hell will have it


The Demon's Mask: The charactor has effectively the same power as Mask of 1000 Faces. This costs a Mental Trait and Ten Power Points; or one Mental Trait and a Rage. The Spawn may never mask to look as his mortal guise from his former life

The Demon's Blades: The charactor has the power to grow 3" long claws from his finger tips that do aggravated damage. Short spikes or blades will also protrude from the charactors knees, elbows and knuckles


The Demon's Voice: By engaging in a social challenge (retest: Empathy), the charactor may discover one secret fact about the loser that nobody would normally know, such as a plot the character might be involved in.

Arcane Might: By expending a rage point, the character may gain one of the powers of the Demonic ones:

1.The character now has an ability similar to the power of Flight/Snare. In other words, the player can fly, but he grows a set of wings which will remain for the rest of the night.

2.For one full round, the charactor has the equivalent of Puissance and Vigor.

3.The Character may Make Shadows move and flicker slightly, streetlights dim and flicker, creepy noises happen, causing him to be three traits up on all oponnents who lose a social challenge against his Social Traits


The Demon's Form: By spending two rage, the charactor will assume the appearence of a demon. He gains six bonus Physical traits in this form. Each Spawn has a form that is unique to that character.


This power stems from the pits of hell and manifests in an erie green flame created by Spawn's own rage and Hatred


Flaming Hands: The Spawn may make his hands light on fire causing him to do aggravated damage to any creature he touches, this power will not ignite items or burn nonliving organisims

PlasmaBolt: By Spending A Rage The Spawn may fire bolts of Green Flame at any target for one round, this is considered a firearms challenge. It does one aggravated damage and is still not strong enough to light anythng on fire


PyroManiac: The Spawn may spend one rage and ignite any flamable material on fire; Also he may also Engulf anyone he can grab with his hands with flame, causing them to take an aggrivated wound and test for a second. if they lose the test they take a second

Inferno: The Spawn may at the expendature of two rage Create flames from nothing anywhere within the surrounding area. These flames just appear. They can be as small as a spark and as large as a column ten feet wide and forty feet long by ten feet tall. These Flames do One Agg per round they are in contact with a person/place/thing. These flames may also come from another source; a spark that lights someone on fire, or any imaginable example.

Advanced Fires of Hell: The Spawn May Spend a Willpower and then Coax any of the previous powers or any other flames present to grow by an exponential rate. For every one Rage or 25 Power the spawn may add one aggrivated damage to the damage of any other HellFire power. This will double the size of Inferno for every rage or 25 power spent and only 100power/4rage may be spent in this manner

Other Powers

The St May Allow the Player to take any one dicipline/art/arcanoi/gift from any MET book, as an "in Clan" dicipline for the Spawn, the st has the final say on what the Spawn is allowed to take