Rules Systems and Story Teller Notes

Rage: Rage in Live Action Spawn is similar to Rage in Laws of the Wyld but not totally the same. Here is what rage can do for your character

Spend to Keep from going into incapacitated
Spend for extra Action
Spend for extra attack
Spend three and one Willpower to heal an aggrivated wound
Spend to substitute any place a 'power' says Angst Rage Blood Glamour ect.....Willpower still must be used for willpower

Willpower usage

Spend to negate flashback
Spend to replenish traits in one category once per night
Spend to ignore side efects of wound penalties for one round
Spend for a single retest of one mental or social challenge
Spend and Three Rage or 10 Power to Heal one aggrivated damage

Power Points

Every Spawn starts with 9999 power points. they may spend them in the following manner. if they ever reach Zero points they go back to hell.

1 Point to heal
5 Points to Substitute for one Rage; this may only be used for powers that the Spawn has paid for with experience points
10 Points to stubstitute for one Willpower
10 plus a Wp to Heal an aggrivated wound
25 to Teleport plus 10 per additional person/equivalant ammount of weight, they may only carry or teleport up to half of their Mental traits in people/weight
1000 to respawn from complete destruction
Spawn may mimic any Power they see, any Gift/Arcanoi/Art/Dicipline/Sphere by spending the out of power cost in xp in Power points for a one time use. This is also the cost for using levels of its Super Powers it has not bought with Experience points yet. Powers such as magesty remain untill the end of the scene. The ST must have proof the Spawn witnessed the power and knows what happened.

The Spawn can make up any power imgainable and use it; and the Storyteller assigns a Power Point cost to it so that it can be used


Once per session the St may Test the Spawn for his Flashback if he has any levels in the background, describing a part of his mortal's life that is particularly traumatizing to the Spawn, Usually dealing with his passions, his life long love or his death

If a Spawn is using modified Faerie Legacys, every other time the Spawn quests, have him enter a flashback, every third time he bans, have him test for one where he loses that much rage instead of gaining it, remember a spawn cannot lose more rage then he has, and cannot go into negatative rage.

Alternatively, when the Spawn fufills one of his Passions he may test and on a win or tie get back one of his Rage

Experience Expendatures

Traits: One Experience per trait, with a maximum of Eighteen; The player should be encouraged not to immeadately start spending in game experience for trait maximums. Maximum character creation trait limit is 11

Abilities: One Experience per ability, with a maximum of five for any ability besides Linguistics

Influence: New Traits cost three xp per purchase, may not be purchased at character creation

Backgrounds: Backgrounds cost two points per level.

Powers: Demonos, Hellfire, and the Power choosen by the Spawn go by standard Minds Eye Theatre Rules, 3/6/9, And all others cost out of power cost; 4,7,10

New Willpower and Rage: 3xp

Merits/Flaws: Double the cost of the Flaw to buy it off after play has started, and Intense prolonged Role play, You just cant tell Melbosia to go to hell and hope he will listen the first time. No new merits may be bought after character creation

If anything was not listed use the Standard Minds Eye Theatre expenditure rules, and common sense if you cant find them there.

More Story Teller Notes

Spawns are considered Servants of the Wyrm

Spawns do not and cannot gain derangements in any way shape or form unless given to them by Melbosia.

Spawns are Immune to Necromancy

Any Arcanoi that a Spawn learns that allows wraiths to cross the shroud, allows the Spawn to cross the shroud into the Shadowlands. If the power does not let the Spawn see across, he cannot untill he aquires the appropriate Arcanoi to do such.

Untill a Spawn finds out otherwise, he must do a bunk to activate a cantrip, using Faerie Arts. This would be really amusing watching a spawn do the Hokey Pokey so he can use Wayfare. When (IF) the Spawn ever finds out he Does not need to use bunks to fuel Arts, he must spend rage equal to the bunk trait desired to fuel the Art. This is done regardless, but dont let the player know that. Inform them that they have to spend rage anyway to equivlate the bunk trait, but dont inform them they dont do the bunk. Its fun to watch them dance.

Spawns may use any power/art/gift/dicipline/arcanoi/whatever as stated above, but as far as buying them with XP, there must be intense role play. A rogue spawn has about a chance in hell of learning Gifts from Garou, and a Loyalist Spawn has less then that. But that dosent mean they cant burn power points to get one shot uses.

I dont know much about Mage Spheres, and since they have not released Live action stats for Mage, Storytellers should be very carefull to allow any Spawn to have these ungodly powers.

Spawns may learn Kindred Diciplines as easily as a Kindred will whore it to the Spawn, and in all my larpng experience, this is a common occurance among kindred.

Spawns cannot teach their Demonic Diciplines to anyone, especially not the Tremere.

A spawn may not purchase any powers they did not recieve at character creation, ie gifts, arts, any level above the ones they possess of their super powers. This means that if you dont have intermediate hellfire or Demonos, you cannot purchace new gifts/arts ect at intermediate level.