Talbot's Chainsaw Live Action Statistics

"built while on lots of cold medication and listening to lots of metallica...i think its fitting"

Weapon type: Chainsaw

Bonus Traits: +3/+6
Negative traits: Loud, Clumsy, Unwieldy
Concealibility: Car Trunk or larger(none)


To properly wield talbot's Chainsaw, and use the Below Abilities, the owner MUST posses Melee 3, Four Strength related Traits, Might or the equivelant. Otherwise the wielder can only use it as a weapon at +3 traits with one aggrivated wound.

The Owner gains the Sabbat Status Trait of: BAD MOTHER FUCKER while holdng Talbot's Chainsaw.


The Wielder gains +3 more traits when weilding Talbot's Chainsaw if he/she possess the above requirements.

Talbot's Chainsaw Does Aggrivated Damage when used on other characters

*Mass Trauma* Wielder of TC must win a physical challenge against thier oponnent to pin them, then if attacked with the chainsaw, on a win or tie of a simple test, wielding the chainsaw does two wounds. Otherwise it does only one wound a strike. This Means someone with puissance could possibly do four wounds with talbot's chainsaw, one/two of which will be aggrivated and two normal.

*Shield Destruction* Talbot's Chainsaw requires three strikes to a shield to render it useless. If a shield absorbs the damage dealt by Talbot's Chainsaw make a note that the shield requires two more hits to destroy

*Armor Piercing* After pinning a target and using Talbot's Chainsaw on the victim, A simple test is preformed on an attack if the target is wearing armor. If its operator succeeds, he/she may ignore the effects of any armor worn by the defender, as the chainsaw cuts right through it to the actual defender itself.

Special Powers:

*Talbot's Chainsaw is Indestructible* This power is in effect at all times.

These powers are only available when a character becomes Linked to the Chainsaw. See Below for description on Linking the Chainsaw to the character

*If standing in a graveyard* or another place of the dead, The Chainsaw can raise the dead into limited Zombies that do the bidding of the Chainsaw and its Wielder. Expend a WP trait, and make a static mental challenge against nine traits to raise the dead. Up to five may be summoned with each WP Expenditure. These Zombies will stay awake for one hour, and an additonal hour for each WP spent beyond the first.

*The chainsaw's "owner" always can find the chainsaw* and knows its general location.

*The Chainsaw will always start for its owner* and no one else without his consent

*The Chainsaw gives the owner the Protean ablility: Gleam of the Red Eye* When activated the character can see in the dark, but his eyes glow red.

*The Chainsaw's Owner gains a willpower once per nite that goes above and beyond his maximum for the sole purpose of regaining his physical traits. He may only gain one extra wp in this way from the chainsaw.

Side Effects:

ST Notes

When a character first Aquires Talbot'S Chainsaw, once per night the chainsaw will make a mental test against the character, the chainsaw may bid nine traits and has one free retest. If the Chainsaw wins, A simple msg is implanted in the target's mind: Feed Me Blood. Untill the Character does this, the chainsaw remains Dormant and has no abilities. It cannot even be turned on.

If the character feeds The Chainsaw blood, it begins to activate. The chainsaw then makes another mental channenge against the character, and if successfull, the character becomes linked to the chainsaw. Every successfull Linking gives the Character one of the following Derangements.


Crimson Rage

Schizophrenia: Talbot's Chainsaw talks to its "owner"

The character is not completely Linked untill all three Derangements are picked up. The Chainsaw may only test once per night for giving the character a derangement. If the character feeds The Chainsaw his blood, it immedately becomes linked to him AND he gains all three derangements at once.

When Linked, the Owner gains knowledge on all ablities and Special powers of Talbot's Chainsaw.

The owner must feed the chainsaw one trait of blood a night an hour after waking or it will gain possesion of its owner and do whatever the hell it wants. Basically it gets all traits, abilities, diciplines, merits and all the bad things. Neat huh. Character regains possession the following night with full knowledge of what happened the previous night.

The owner of the chainsaw also gets the Negative Social Traits: Beastial Eyes and Bestial: permanant Fangs, unless the character is gangrel, or a Garou. This weapon Gives Garou taint of the wyrm.

Talbots Chainsaw is a sentient being. Anyone with Telephaty may attempt to talk to it though a mental challenge against nine traits. The Chainsaw gains one retest per challenge. If the chainsaw is aura percieved, the aura will come up as a black void.

The Chainsaw talks to its owner. This is accomplished though the link established by the chainsaw and its owner, and is covered by the derangement that the player recieves. The PLayer loses the derangement temporarily if the chainsaw is not in the immedate vicinity of its owner.

A narrator should play the chainsaws voice, and act as much like a wraith's shadow as possible. The Chainsaw is crazy, and craves blood. It loves wanton destruction and will try to cause the Character to frenzy and destroy anything it can convince it of

The chainsaw may make a mental challenge against the player and cause the player to frenzy once per night.

The Chainsaw may activate any of the character's derangements Once per nite per derangement. Schizoprhenia is considered to be always active when the chainsaw is in line of sight of the owner.

Talbot's Chainsaw will only pick Garou, Kindred, Mortal, Kinfolk, and Ghouls to become its "owner"

A Character is Linked to Talbot's Chainsaw untill it dies.

Now the question is, who is truly the owner?

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